Privacy and Cookies


Our privacy policy is simple – we will never pass your details to any third party without your consent.

Payment on our website is made via Paypal and you are passed to their website for the actual payment procedure.  The only details that we pass to them are the products in your shopping basket – you can then either choose to pay via credit card or your Paypal account on their website.

When you register with us we give you the option of signing up for our newsletter which would contain offers and information about new products (for example).  If you choose to sign up for the newsletter then we will contact you via email from time to time.  We will not pass your details to any outside merchant and you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a tiny text file put onto your computer by websites that you visit which stores information about what you do on that site. Most websites use cookies of one sort or another for example  to store your preferences such as what sort of products you like to buy in online stores or whether you’re logged into a site or not.

Most cookies do not store any sort of identifiable information about you. Think about them as footprints in the sand – you can see where you’ve been but can’t tell much about you as an individual.

Cookies on this website

We use cookies in several ways to hopefully enhance your visit.

  • To remember what products you’ve looked at
  • To remember that you’ve added a product to your shopping cart
  • To remember your login details when you register to purchase products

The shopping cart would not work properly without these cookies.

We also keep information about what pages are being visited so that we can have a better idea about the popularity of products and how people like to use the website.

We are confident that these uses of cookies are completely safe, relevant and unobtrusive.